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Hot Neighbor

by Rylie Keen

Hot Neighbor is a steamy, romantic, short story. If you want hot love scenes, sweet, down-to-earth characters, and instant love, then this one is for you.

When the house next door sold, Emma didn’t expect her new neighbor to be an Adonis. But, neither did she expect the insane chemistry would be reciprocated or that the gorgeous man would also be an amazing guy. So what do you do when you have a VERY hot neighbor? Be friendly 😉



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More Than Ever

Meet the Author

Rylie Keen

Rylie Keen

Rylie is a neurodivergent writer, explorer, and dog mom. She writes steamy, modern romances that are mental-wellness and therapy positive. She lives in the PNW with her soul-dog Barnabas (aka: Bass, Bastian, BB, Bass-butt, Bae).

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